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Sh'es clearly going for 

Approachable Sia, but comes across a little more Bonnie Hunt.

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Beth Hoyt is an actor, writer, comedian based in Los Angeles, but now kinda more Austin. (Who's hiring? Is Covid done?) As an actor, she has appeared on Better Call Saul, Dead to Me, Brooklyn 99, High Maintenance, Inside Amy Schumer & more. Beth was a New Face at Just For Laughs Montreal in 2015. Her popular YouTube channel, BethinShow, features many interviews with Claire Danes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence, Tilda Swinton, and anyone else Beth can impersonate. She created and starred in It's Great, Right? for Elizabeth Banks' WhoHaHa launch & she co-hosts Goodnight LA!, a monthly comedy show in West Hollywood. Beth is in post-production on a short film, Sisters!, that she wrote and starred in. She's very excited for you to see it.
Before moving to Los Angeles in 2015, Beth lived 10 years in NYC, where she spent the first half working bottle service (she has stories) and the second half in the theater, starring in premieres of Christopher Durang and AR Gurney at the Flea Theater and experimental theater at PS 122 and The Public with Reggie Watts -- which led to her comedy. 
Before the big cities, Beth grew up in Wisconsin. So, Austinites, please see her as someone from Wisco and not LA. Doesn't matter what town in Wisconsin, just a small town-- it's on the lake, so that's nice-- but it's just a regular town in Wisconsin. Okay it's the Making a Murderer town, she never knew Steven Avery. Just kidding he's her dad. Just kidding! He's her baby's dad. Just kidding. She's not sure. Just kidding! Who knows!? Free Brendan Dassey.
*I assume at least one, if not four or five, have said this.
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